Digicomm superfast business internet access is here!

Wired and Wireless Leased Lines are for businesses that require a dedicated, always – on, fixed-bandwidth connectivity, perfect if you regularly exchange large volumes of data between sites.
They are an ideal replacement for legacy technologies, some of which are being retired or leased line services.

Ideal for:

  • Fast and reliable remote backup of data
  • Video Conferencing & VOIP
  • High speed browsing
  • Exchange of data where a fast upload
    speed is required


  • No contention & guaranteed speeds up to 1Gb bandwidth
  • Future proofing – Easy transition to next generation network technology
  • Lines can be delivered much faster than new fibre installs
  • No charges on bandwidth usage
  • Extensive UK coverage

Consistent performance

Internet services usually share bandwidth access with other businesses and contention means that speed and performance is affected. Leased Lines are delivered without contention, meaning speed is always guaranteed.

Fast upload, fast download

Unlike traditional ADSL, which typically has fast download but slow upload speeds, this allows the same bandwidth to be delivered in both directions.


Check your local Leased Line availability

To find out the availability & speed in your area, follow these simple steps:

Your postcode will be used to check your availability and speed.