Why Choose Wireless Working?


Over time, things just seem to get more complicated and more expensive. Digicomm 360 has invested time and resource into our Wireless Solution following a simple belief that many customers have relatively straightforward requirements for their WiFi:

Great quality, ease of use and affordable pricing.


Here are some of the key benefits from using WiFi technology:

• Take your WiFi phone with you when moving around your premises and never miss a call.
• By using a Laptop and a WiFi telephone staff members can simply work wherever they like, whenever they like

• Allow staff members to collaborate, access network resources and share information from any location within the premises.

• Hold or participate in meetings anywhere with access to any information required: at the users Desk; at a different desk or office; in a meeting room or even the canteen. It can also provide networking in places where regular wires cannot reach

• Guest ‘Hotspot’ connectivity provides the ability to allow your customers to safely gain access to the internet by using your WiFi network, while also ensuring network security as ‘Guest Hotspot’ connections are completely segregated from the Main company Staff WiFi network.


Increased Efficiency

Improved data communications lead to faster transfer of information within businesses and between partners and customers. For example, sales people can remotely check stock levels and prices whilst on sales calls.



Wireless Networking is also very mobile and versatile; it is adaptable to most situations and requirements.

Wireless networks can easily be set up and dissembled, which is perfect for temporary worksites/homes or leased space. It is also extremely easy to add other components onto this type of network such as easy installation of VoIP and printers etc. without the need to configure one’s computer.


Cost Saving

Wireless Networking is relatively cheaper than wired Networks since they require no cables between the computers as well as lower long term costs due to less maintenance as there is less equipment.



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