Save time & money with a single point of contact for all your maintenance and support needs!

Digicomm offers a range of reliable and pro-active maintenance packages to ensure the health of your systems and that they are used to optimal levels thereby guaranteeing early return on investment and minimising downtime – the enemy of every successful business.

Telephony Support

Digicomm 360 provides proactive support and management of your telephone system and associated equipment in relation to the identified current and future needs of your business. The service is designed to ensure that your system is maintained to a high standard, predefined in our service level agreement (SLA). This service has a fixed fee which is reviewed on a regular basis.

Services will be provided to assist you in resolving problems you encounter with the use or functionality of software and hardware and may include advice, recommendations and information concerning your use of the solution.

IT Support

Digicomm 360 provides proactive support and management of network based services, applications and equipment in relation to maximising output and reducing down-time.

The service is designed to ensure that IT systems are maintained to run as quickly and efficiency as possible and as our support is quite often pro-active, you will not be aware of a potential problem until after it has been resolved.

We are unable to guarantee that problems will not occur but we can promise that if they do we will be on-hand to resolve them or suggest a suitable course of action.

Save Money & Time with DIgicomm

Check out the key benefits of Digicomm taking care of the IT & Telecoms in your business

  •          All our services are clearly defined on one bill each month
  •          You receive a centralized, consistent support ticketing system
  •          We become your one point of accountability
  •          Our cross trained engineers provide expert collaboration across your systems
  •          Your costs become predictable and fixed
  •          You and your business make savings in both Time & money

For a free system or more information please call us on Freephone: 0800 083 89 86