Digicomm products and services have been specifically designed for the SME market and offer flexible and efficient voice communications.

Digicomm will design and implement the most effective telephone system, be it hardware or cloud based, to ensure:


  • Optimum efficiency in call routing and staff distribution
  • Enhanced administration systems
  • Simple upgrade path to support growth
  • Flexible and affordable payment options to suit your business
  • Diverts – when you’re unavailable, this enables you to divert your calls to another number, either internally or externally
  • Call Forwarding – twin your phone to your mobile if you’re away from your desk or forward calls to another member of your team
  • Call Waiting/Call Park – if you are already on a call, see another call coming through and put them on hold until you are ready
  • Respond immediately with Last Number Redial and Click-2-Talk
  • See when colleagues are free to take a call with Line Monitoring, and transfer calls to any internal or external number easily
  • Bring a colleague in on a phone conversation with Three-way Call and forward important Voicemail messages easily to handsets or emails

Maintenance & Supportred support keyboard

Digicomm also provides proactive management and support for all new systems and upgrades to ensure that the equipment is maintained to the highest standard and offers the user peace of mind that any issues which may arise are resolved often before the problem is detected.

We also offer advice, recommendations and information to aid you in getting the very most out of the feature rich functionality.

Please contact the Team for more information on

0370 444 6540