Why be chained to a location?

With our Mobility and Remote Working solutions you can empower your staff whilst also improving their availability, responsiveness and effectiveness with
anywhere access to your organisations communications.


Use either your Apple or Android smartphone as a telephone extension anywhere within reach of an IP or cellular connection which as well as giving you complete mobile telephony also routes calls through the main office system which are therefore free.

On-Site Mobility

WiFi handsets will extend the reach of the phone system over your buildings WiFi network with no need to install or manage a separate network or gateway and will simply connect to the telephone system using the WiFi network.

An alternative to WiFi handsets is an IP DECT solution which delivers secure, high quality wireless voice communications to mobile employees within a building or across a campus.

Remote Working

Utilise the full range of features of an office based telephone extension at any internet enabled location using either a physical desk phone or a PC Based soft phone application.

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