Leased Lines & Data Services


Leased Lines

Leased Line provides your business with a guaranteed symmetrical connectivity and powerful bandwidths ranging from 10Mbps up to 1Gbps. If you’re looking for an internet access that’s resilient and reliable then a leased line is the preferred choice for your business – a dedicated, private line that only carries traffic for your organisation.


Main Features

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds

This means that data can be uploaded and downloaded at the same speed and can be used to access work PCs from home, send large files, upload large files (for example to a website), backup data using online services.

  • Dedicated line

Unlike other Internet connections, the bandwidth available does not fall at peak times when other customers of the same ISP try to use their connections at the same time as you as the leased line is solely for the use of your business.

  • SLAs and guaranteed fix time

In the unlikely event of an issue with the service, the strict SLAs applied to the service means priority support and a guaranteed fix time.

  • Unlimited Usage

Use as much data as required as there is no cap on data usage.

  • Ultra Low Latency

Critical for the optimum working of VoIP applications


Wireless Leased Lines

Perfectly suited for organisations that depend on connectivity, wireless leased lines offer large bandwidth, flexibility, resilience and cost efficiency.

Main Features

  • All of the main features of traditional leased lines
  • Installation in as little as 25 days
  • 99.95% network availability
  • Proactive 24/7/365 network monitoring

In recent years the costs of leased lines has fallen dramatically, making what was once a technology reserved for large corporations now available to smaller businesses.


MPLS – Secure Private Networking

With MPLS IPVPN you can connect multiple sites through a reliable and secure private network. Our Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions support high-volume data transfer through a choice of technologies – from basic broadband to fibre Ethernet. As your applications move online, you need high-speed connectivity to unite disparate sites and consolidate voice, video and data with our MPLS solutions giving you a complete choice of connectivity and resilience options.


EoFTTC (Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet) combines the best of both FTTC and EFM to deliver an un-contended, superfast upload speed of up to 20Mbp/s with our best possible care levels to ensure business continuity. This service is perfect for growing businesses who require faster speeds and guaranteed reliability. With superfast upload and download speeds that’s 20% cheaper than EFM, it’s easy to see why EoFTTC is quickly becoming the bandwidth choice for growing, ambitious businesses.

 Superfast Broadband

Our Superfast Broadband (FTTC) is an affordable, high speed data service providing a cost effective way to upgrade your broadband speed – Switching to fibre will provide you with speeds up to 80MB supporting all of your modern business applications. Our competitive pricing means you can minimise overheads at the same time as improving your ability to support the bandwidth-hungry applications that are critical to your business.

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Business Broadband

Our business broadband delivers speeds and guaranteed bandwidth alongside prices that cannot be matched. Our range of options allows you to personalise your business broadband package to suit your needs. What truly separates our Business Broadband is the prioritised bandwidth your business will receive compared to a standard residential service, ensuring consistently high speeds and improved efficiency.





EFM is a cost-effective way to advance to a high capacity connection with the upload and download speeds businesses need to support VoIP and hosted solutions. This service is perfect for businesses with branch offices that need resilient connections & centralised sales systems. We know how much our customers rely on consistent, high performing connectivity which is why we have procedures and agreements in place to quickly rectify any faults and downtime. Faults have 6 hour service level agreements, and in the unlikely occurrence of one copper pair failing, there is an automatic fail-safe without service interruption.


Our ethernet is run over a unique fully fibre optic all IP Next Generation Network that allows us to prioritise business traffic at a much lower cost. With a choice of synchronous speeds from 10Mbps up to the full 1Gbps, Ethernet has the scalability to evolve with you and offers the option of a fully managed service. With a choice of speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps and unlimited usage, our Ethernet delivers the scalability you need to stay ahead of the curve.

 Additional Data Services

Protect your data with our Failover and Back-up services with full disaster recovery solutions to safeguard the continuity of your business.