On Premise Telephony

Digicomm products and services have been specifically designed for the SME market and offer feature rich voice and telephony communications. This gives a complete, across-the-board  integrated solution – from telephony and video to mobility and call centre applications, to networking, security, and ongoing services. Digicomm will help give your business a competitive edge and will let you do more with less and drive profitable growth, without driving up costs.

Digicomm is an accredited partner of Avaya, the world’s second largest Telco, which evidences that we have been recognised for achtelephone-systemsieving high standards in customer service, marketing, and business planning. As part of the ongoing continuous training Avaya has a virtual ‘University’ that all staff members are enrolled in that offers training programs, technical support and information regarding new products as well as recording individual records of achievement as prescribed by Avaya to be able to sell and maintain their products.

Digicomm will design and implement the most effective telephone system, be it hardware or cloud based, to ensure:

  • Optimum efficiency in call routing and staff distribution
  • Enhanced administration systems
  • Simple upgrade path to support growth
  • Flexible and affordable payment options to suit your business
  • Diverts – when you’re unavailable, this enables you to divert your calls to another number, either internally or externally
  • Call Forwarding – twin your phone to your mobile if you’re away from your desk or forward calls to another member of your team
  • Call Waiting/Call Park – if you are already on a call, see another call coming through and put them on hold until you are ready
  • Respond immediately with Last Number Redial and Click-2-Talk
  • See when colleagues are free to take a call with Line Monitoring, and transfer calls to any internal or external number easily
  • Bring a colleague in on a phone conversation with Three-way Call and forward important Voicemail messages easily to handsets or emails


Hosted Telephony

360 Voice is a complete telephony system for business. It provides a comprehensive range of facilities and features that allow you to link your fixed and mobile telephony easily and efficiently, helping you to improve your productivity and corporate image at an affordable price.

360 Voice is a hosted, cloud telephony service that is easy to use and simple to configure. Your calls are made and received over a voice-over-internet broadband connection, and you configure and monitor your phones through a simple web portal. Using the system is just like using a traditional telephone, and you don’t need any specialist knowledge or skills to make the most of all the features it provides.


360 Voice is ideal for all sized businesses, whether you operate from one location or multiple sites. 360 Voice allows you to link your office phones to mobiles, so it is also ideal for businesses whose employees are regularly on the move.

The system’s comprehensive range of administrative and call features make it a perfect alternative to traditional PBX systems. Businesses can easily configure the system to match their exact requirements, even if their requirements are subject to frequent changes. 360 Voice comes as a fully featured system as standard, and the administrative features make it easy to manage, and monitor your telephone usage, performance and costs.


Key Features

  • Know when you have a message waiting with onscreen pop-ups, SMS text messages and email alerts.
  • Easily manage all your contact lists with your personal Address Book.
  • Never forget to make those important calls – use Events Diary to set reminders against your Address Book entries.
  • Have all your internal and external telephone numbers quickly to hand with Address Book – see who’s calling and Click-2-Talk straight from your contacts.
  • Protect your precious time with Do Not Disturb and Block Anonymous Calls.
  • Access your contacts from anywhere with your on-line Address Book.
  • Let the whole team know with messages on Shared Voicemail.
  • Access your Fax messages on-line or by email.
  • Set passwords and pin numbers to secure your phones, voicemail and web-portal from unauthorised access.
  • Set external or mobile Failover numbers to keep your communications open in the event of a power cut, or local network failure.