Make your move an opportunity not a nightmare

In our experience when it comes down to relocating your business, a member of staff is asked to ‘plan and oversee’ the whole project which can be a daunting task especially if they have never been involved in a move before. This is where Digicomm can be of real assistance, ensuring that any move is an opportunity to reduce on-going costs and increase productivity rather than a nightmare of disruption and spiralling expense. Digicomm works with the customer to ensure that the new premises is suitable for the requirements of the customer and is fully operational to coincide with the planned relocation date – right from checking the resilience of the infrastructure through to plugging in the router.

Digicomm’s end to end Relocation services provide:

  • A comprehensive review of current connectivity systems with a business efficiency rating
  • Production of a ‘Relocation Project Plan’
  • Movement or replacement of the existing IT Infrastructure providing Cat5 & 6e cabling networks
  • Migration of original telephone numbers or a geographic/non-geographic cloud solution which enables full control of the numbers and the ability to take them anywhere
  • Movement or upgrade of the existing telephone system
  • Low cost call provision and line rental including leased lines and ADSL broadband
  • Finance options to fund the move