Finance and Leasing

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As business is becoming more and more dependent on technology, the strain on working capital can be immense and alternative methods of funding are essential for the investment required in hardware and software to keep abreast of the competition.

Leasing is now a quick and easy option that lets you have immediate access to services which are paid for over a convenient period of time and can be treated as an operating expense, thereby safeguarding cash reserves and capitalising on return on investment.

The Process

For every significant monetary purchase from Digicomm, we will always give you the option of putting your solution on a lease to suit your business, whether you want to treat it as an operating cost or as capital expenditure. As well as different types of lease there are also a number of different repayment time periods to choose from to make sure that you realise your return on investment immediately and can start using the solution to increase productivity, thereby improving profit and helping cash flow.

Digicomm partners with leading funders to ensure that the best finance is available whatever the purchase.