Call & Lines

With our bespoke solutions we can provide your business with a best-fit, competitive solution – based on your objectives, usage requirements and budget we’ll recommend a package that provides the best commercial and operational fit. Our future-proof solutions will give your business the flexibility to add new sites and expand services when you need it.

How will our Calls and Lines solutions benefit your business?

One of our experienced team members will review your requirements and work with you to find the best fit for your business. We make it easy to identify potential savings through flexible billing options from businesses as a whole right through to department level. Our customers also have the option of reviewing their call statistics, making it easier to review the volume of calls, the costs and how they can be managed more effectively.calls-lines-data

Our Calls and Lines packages offer real flexibility with a vast choice of products and services that already serve thousands of businesses, big and small across the UK. We provide traditional services right the way through to the latest technology which includes; Standard Analogue Lines, ISDN2, ISDN30, SIP-based ISDN30 and Voice over Ethernet. Migrating your Calls and lines is simple and seamless. There are no engineering changes or site visits, we simply manage the whole transfer and complete it in as little as 10 days and where available you can transfer your numbers for total service continuity.

Our ISDN30 Solution 

  • Our ISDN30 service is competitively priced & could save you up to 40% compared to other providers
  • The service delivers long-term value with scalability and flexibility, giving you the capacity for up to 30 concurrent calls
  • ISDN30 is also compatible with all leading brands of phone system technology
  • Our guaranteed service level agreements are designed to match your business needs

We also supply the range of geographic and non-geographic numbers that offer a virtual national or regional presence without the need to set up a physical site.

SIP Services – Voice over the internet

  • Our SIP services combine cost savings with greater flexibility and enables businesses to do more for less
  • A data network for all your calls saves on the rental costs of running a separate traditional voice network
  • One network which means it’s simpler for your IT team to manage
  • The quality of service ensures your calls are given priority over other data

Our SIP Trunks have a variety of business continuity options to keep your business running in the event of a fault. For example, you can redirect individual extension numbers to other numbers of your choice which offers a more robust resilience than on a traditional voice network.