Call logging statistic reports

Group of call reporting reports

Communications Management should be a fundamental component to every organisation’s communication’s set-up, to ensure equipment and lines are  being used effectively, costs minimised and usage optimised.

In fact, the ways in which it can be deployed through any organisation are unlimited. After all, the telephone, the Internet and email are the most highly used business assets, from sales and support activities, through to chasing customers for payment. As a result, it makes sense that only by  better understanding how these tools are being used, can all these activities can be measured and improved.

Remember, you can’t manage what you can’t measure!


Communications Management has evolved to web-based software solutions that absorb all facets of communications to provide business managers with detailed information on fixed line, mobile, Internet and email analysis.

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At the same time, more advanced applications readily integrate with other voice and data equipment, such as voice recording, unified communications  and CTI applications, to provide greater management information and control, together with a single point of data entry and database synchronisation.

The future of Communications Management lies its ability, both through software development and services, to help users interpret the information it  delivers and propose recommendations for change. This will include trend analysis and business modelling, interactive reports (such as playing a call  back through a voice recording by selecting a line item on a report), and even greater integration with other systems, to provide the central command  centre for voice and data infrastructures.