Pro-Active Service Upgrade

As part of our commitment to remain at the forefront of technology  and to provide cutting-edge Maintenance and Support Services, we are pleased to announce that we have invested in an all new Support platform and Pro-Active service upgrade which we are currently rolling out across all our customer sites.

In addition to providing a much richer level of diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, the new platform enhances the features and services that are currently available.

Multi-Method Remote Desktop Support

The new platform allows for multiple types of Remote Desktop Connectivity methods, particularly helpful where remote desktop access is required on older computers and/or operating systems.

Advanced Device Background Maintenancehelp-desk

Computer maintenance tasks can now be performed without the need for a Digicomm engineer to remotely access your computer desktop which ensures no disruption as users carry on working while issues are resolved.

Real-Time Device CPU, Memory, Process & Application Utilisation

‘Real-Time’ information is now provided on your computers CPU, Memory, System Processes and applications enabling Digicomm engineers to quickly identify any issues without any direct remote connection to your computer or server.

Microsoft Update Management

Due to the frequency of Microsoft and the impact on customers devices when these are not kept up to date, the new platform now manages Microsoft updates in a more efficient and controlled manner whereby updates are now checked and installed (where applicable) monthly.

Enterprise Class Security Solution

A new powerful ‘real-time’ desktop and server Anti-Virus solution provides protection against Viruses, Trojans, Malware and other malicious content on your computer and external devices such as USB and disk drives. New Virus ‘definitions’ are rolled out frequently and silently in the background without the need to restart the Anti-Virus service.

Web Filtering

The new web filtering service comprises of three new components to provide a flexible range of security measures:

  • Internet Website Control – Websites may be placed into Whitelists or Blacklists thereby allowing or denying user access. Time profiles may be configured to allow or deny website access based on times and dates.
  • Application Control – Access to local applications may be allowed or blocked permanently or by way of a time profile.
  • Data Protection Control – Specified text entered into email or websites may be blocked permanently or by way of a time profile.

 If you have any questions or would like further information please call a member of our team on

0370 444 6540