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As part of our ongoing commitment to our community, last week Digicomm played host to a pupil from Smithills High School for his year 10 work placement. He spent the week in our IT Department and reaped the rewards of the extensive knowledge and experience of our senior IT engineer.


He said of his visit ‘I really enjoyed my time at Digicomm 360 because I learned lots of things for example, creating a server, configuring a router and the configuration of a LAN and Internet Access. In addition I also visited customer sites and was introduced to Virtualization within Domains and Networks / servers. My visit has definitely shown me what I want to achieve in the future from a career in IT.’


Mark Pollitt, MD of Digicomm, said ‘This is something that we offer every year because I think it’s really important to nurture a passion for communication and technology by involving young people in our business, which will hopefully help to encourage our future local talent.’